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Keep Your Checking Account Safe From Check Fraud

I read a good article in Costo Connection on how to safeguard your checking account from check fraud. Harland Clarke (Costco’s check printer) suggests you do the following: 

  1. Incorporate security features into your checks, i.e. watermarks and photocopy detection 
  2. Store your checks in a safe, secure place in your home and never leave your checks/checkbook in your car 
  3. Review your bank statements on a regular basis – look for fraudulent transactions 
  4. Check for missing checks in boxes of new checks you ordered.  If any are missing, report them immediately. 

Your Free Credit Scores May Not Be Free

You have heard the ole saying that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, well the same could be said for credit scores.  I am sure you have heard those annoying commercials 3 free scores and more.

You may get a number from these services, but usually you will first have to fill in a form and give them your personal information.  That means you’ll start receiving calls or emails from these companies trying to sell you on something else, like some type of monitoring service, or they automatically enroll you in their service where you get charged a monthly premium.  The free score may not be free after all, watch for the fine print to see what they are really offering.

Identity Theft from Social Media ?

Identity theft was a problem even before social media became popular but there has been a major upswing in identity theft ever since social media became popular. According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports,  66 percent of U.S households use Twitter, Facebook or one of dozens of other social media networks and as many as 40 percent of those users share their full birth date on the social media networks. Birth dates are gold nuggets of information for identity thieves.