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Can Debt Settlement Reduce Debt by 40% or More?

Debt settlement is a process where your outstanding debts are eliminated through negotiation with your creditors. You are required to pay only a portion of what you originally owed your lender.

So why will your creditors agree to settle your loan at a reduce amount? Because they are protecting their investment. If you were to file for bankruptcy, they stand a chance of not collecting a dime from you. By settling with you, they can at lease get some of what they are owed. When debt settlement companies get involved, the creditor has less to worry about. They know that you want to repay your debt even if it’s not the full amount. They also save on collection agency and collection attorney charges which may be as high as 40% of the funds recovered.

DIY Debt Solutions: Garage and Yard Sale – Clean up & Cash In


I talk about selling unwanted items as part of your DIY debt solutions. Garage sales and yard sales are a good way to sell many things at one time during summer months but pricing and getting people to your sales event are key to a successful garage/yard sale.

 Recently my wife showed me an informative article from one of her magazines (Woman’s Day) on how to do that.  Here’s a brief recap.

Identity Theft from Social Media ?

Identity theft was a problem even before social media became popular but there has been a major upswing in identity theft ever since social media became popular. According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports,  66 percent of U.S households use Twitter, Facebook or one of dozens of other social media networks and as many as 40 percent of those users share their full birth date on the social media networks. Birth dates are gold nuggets of information for identity thieves.