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Ways That You Can Prevent Identity Theft

As the internet and other modern communications tools play a larger and larger role in the way people work, shop and live, identity theft has become a concern for virtually everyone. In order to save yourself from the headaches of fraud, here are some fundamental tips for safeguarding your important information.

Make The Switch To EMV Cards

Over the past year, American retailers, lenders, and financial institutions have been switching over to “chipped” credit and debit cards which support the EMV standard. These cards give your financial information an added level of encryption when you use them for purchases.

Save before you invest?

Save before you invest. That’s the point that Porter Stansberry of Stansberry Research says:


Here are  a couple of excerpts from that article:

“The simple reason most people will never acquire a significant amount of wealth is because most people lack the discipline to save money. It’s really that simple. Think about how much money you earned last year after taxes. Think about how much you saved. Was it enough for you to meet your financial goals? ”

He recommends getting completely out of debt , saving 50% of what you earn and saving $50k before investing as he states here:

Stop Credit Card Fraud With Instant Mobile SMS Alerts

The alerts are sent wthin seconds via text message or email.  The service is available from VISA ( Rapid Alerts service) and Mastercard (In Control). Talk with your card issuer for more info. [ref Bottom Line Pub]

The Evil Effects Of Compounded Interest on Card Debt

Credit card interest can be compounded daily or monthly, which means card debt can easily get out of control if you have a high balance and high interest rates.

Most charges are computed daily, i.e. compounded daily. To calculate the daily finance charges, credit card companies multiple the daily balance by the periodic rate. This daily finance charge is calculated on a daily basis and the result is added to the outstanding balance.

DIY Debt Solutions: Garage and Yard Sale – Clean up & Cash In


I talk about selling unwanted items as part of your DIY debt solutions. Garage sales and yard sales are a good way to sell many things at one time during summer months but pricing and getting people to your sales event are key to a successful garage/yard sale.

 Recently my wife showed me an informative article from one of her magazines (Woman’s Day) on how to do that.  Here’s a brief recap.