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Text Message Phising Can Lead To Identity Theft

Phishing is a technique which is used by the criminals to steal personal information. You need to learn ways to spot phishing text messages or emails so that you can minimize the risk of identity theft.

Text messages phishing deceives the users and convinces them to click on the link in a message. It leads to a fake website, where the personal details are stolen or phished.

Following are a few tips to prevent id theft via text messaging:

Identity Theft from Social Media ?

Identity theft was a problem even before social media became popular but there has been a major upswing in identity theft ever since social media became popular. According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports,  66 percent of U.S households use Twitter, Facebook or one of dozens of other social media networks and as many as 40 percent of those users share their full birth date on the social media networks. Birth dates are gold nuggets of information for identity thieves.