DIY Debt Solutions: Garage and Yard Sale – Clean up & Cash In


I talk about selling unwanted items as part of your DIY debt solutions. Garage sales and yard sales are a good way to sell many things at one time during summer months but pricing and getting people to your sales event are key to a successful garage/yard sale.

 Recently my wife showed me an informative article from one of her magazines (Woman’s Day) on how to do that.  Here’s a brief recap.

Your goal is not to make lots of money from individual items but rather to make some money on a lot of items. Price you stuff so it sells but set the price higher than what your target price is. That gives you some room for bargaining.  People come to garage sales and yard sales to bargain.  Later in the day you can lower prices if you need to.

3 ways you can get an idea on the value of your items:

  • ebay : Use the advanced search and check “completed listings”. Find prices on similar or identical merchandise.
  • – Allows you to search Craigslist from all parts of the country.
  •  Consignment stores.  Check local thrift and consignment stores.


There are several ways to get the word out about your sale. 

  •  Email your friends, use Facebook, maybe even Twitter. Send email and start posting on Thursday. Tell your friends to tell 5 of their friends.
  • Craigslist and  Post ads on these two sites.  They are free.
  • Local free ad papers (  Ads are free under a certain dollar amount.
  • Bulletin Boards – put up ads on store bulletin boards.
  • Put up road signs a few days before your sale.  Depending on local ordinances you can place banners on sign posts etc telling passing traffic where and when your garage sale or yard sale will be.


You could even offer free food or refreshments or free with a minimum dollar amount or give away some free items with other purchases. If some items are selling, give them away or as I mentioned earlier, bundle them with other items.

Group similar items together. Out flatware and tools on tables and clothes on hangers for instance. Make it look good. Merchandise like the stores do.

People like garage sales and yard sales.  Some even do it for a living.  If you have done your homework and prep work you should have a successful sale.

Go forth and prosper.  Use the cash to pay down credit card debt.

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