Identity Theft from Social Media ?

Identity theft was a problem even before social media became popular but there has been a major upswing in identity theft ever since social media became popular. According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports,  66 percent of U.S households use Twitter, Facebook or one of dozens of other social media networks and as many as 40 percent of those users share their full birth date on the social media networks. Birth dates are gold nuggets of information for identity thieves.

Crime, organized crime, is becoming more sophisticated these days and we are too willing to give them the information they need to take our identities online.  The social media sites and networks are hotspots where criminals dig for gold in the form of personal information.

There are scams directed to every age group. But many younger folks are too willing to post too much personal information on the social media sites.  It’s all about being open. They may think that if their credit score takes a hit, they can easily fix it.

Thieves are imposters.  They appear online as your social media friends and we want to share with friends, right?  Know who you are dealing with.

Don’t wait for a strange purchase to show up in your bank account or credit card statement.  Be proactive.  Get your credit scores and monitor your credit information (and computer) regularly to prevent threats from causing identity crises.  This is especially true if use, or have used, social media.

I have had credit card numbers and bank account numbers stolen. It takes a lot of effort to get things back to normal.

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