Help With Credit Card Debt

Got credit card debt? Most of us do (or did).  Here’s what you can do to eliminate or reduce debt: 

First, write down exactly what you need, if you don’t already know. Do you want to:

             Pay down bills to improve credit score        

             Pay off the bills so you can sleep at night

            Get lower payments (or 1 payment) so you have more money at month end

            Get help with credit card debt immediately because you can’t afford to pay the bills and are afraid “they” may take everything.     

Now you know what your goals are, what are the options and where do you start? That depends.

If you aren’t in over your head, can afford the payments and just want to pay the bills off think about rearranging how you pay your bills.  It could be that paying more on certain bills could get you out of debt faster.

Are there items that you don’t use anymore? Maybe you can sell those to get extra cash.

If you can’t pay the bills and feel you need immediate help you should contact a reputable debt relief company professional here.

If you want lower payments or want to combine bills into 1 payment then consider debt consolidation.  You could do it yourself, but most also use a reputable debt relief company professional.

If you are border line, you may want to contact a professional also. They can offer credit counseling, debt settlement or debt consolidation.

Your last choice would be bankruptcy.  There are many negative consequences to filing bankruptcy. It can stay on your credit report for years. You will have a hard time getting new loans for years.  It could even negatively impact your employment opportunities.

Any time you use a 3rd party to get help with credit card debt, medical bills or dealing with any unsecured debt, there will be fees and contracts involved. So do your homework and read the fine print, and use a reputable company.

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