What About All The New Debt Relief Companies?

Debt relief is big business because many people are in financial trouble these days. Stinking economy, delinquent mortgages, credit card debt at all time highs, all provide opportunities for the scammers to jump in make some money and move on.

It only takes a few bad apples to spoil it for everyone else. So beware and do a little research before signing a contract with any debt relief company.  

You should stay away from companies where their web site that is newer than a few months old.  To check the age of the web site go to any domain registry service (for quick checks I use whois.com). Type in the web site domain name, scroll down and it will show you when it was created.  

Other resources which you can use to check these companies track record are the Better Business Bureau or the State Attorney General’s office. Check to see how many complaints have been file against them, and were they previously doing business under another name.  You can also check debt relief forums online to see what others have to say about the debt relief company or find a   reputable service that can prescreen them

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