How to use pre paid cards

Pre paid cards are funded from using money from your checking or saving accounts, i.e. you have to deposit money into the account before you can use the card.  Consequently, these cards do not report to the major credit bureaus and, generally speaking, there is no impact on your credit history. 

If you have ever been turned down for a credit card then you may want to consider using a pre paid card, (or secured card). These cards can be used in place of credit cards for things such as making hotel, airline reservations etc. 

Pre paid cards are also good if you just need to learn how to manage money, or for kids allowances, BUT, you will not be able to use the pre paid card to charge automatic recurring subscription fees. 

There are fees. Set up fees can be $5 – $10 and direct deposit fees associated with pre paid cards. 

There is usually no credit check – good if you have bad credit or no credit history and all credit card applications have been declined. 

For instance your can:

Get a free pre paid reloadable Mastercard -Monthly charge waived for active customers

$10 credit and free loading with direct deposit



Get an AccountNow Gold Visa Prepaid Card with $0 Monthly Fee , Higher daily and monthly limits.
Borrow money and build credit history Free Credit Builder and Bill Pay 

Just a couple of examples of what is available.

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