Text Message Phising Can Lead To Identity Theft

Phishing is a technique which is used by the criminals to steal personal information. You need to learn ways to spot phishing text messages or emails so that you can minimize the risk of identity theft.

Text messages phishing deceives the users and convinces them to click on the link in a message. It leads to a fake website, where the personal details are stolen or phished.

Following are a few tips to prevent id theft via text messaging:

  • Never make the mistake of responding to voicemails or text messages from unknown numbers. After all, if you are not aware of the identity of the other person, then you are least likely to get yourself acquainted as well.
  • Never download any attachments from unknown or blocked numbers
  • Make yourself aware of the unsolicited mails and never respond to the messages, emails or phone calls which are on the look out of your personal information.
  • Similarly, do not click on the attachments or links within unsolicited emails as they may give access to others of your personal and financial information.
  • First check the applications prior to downloading them. Never make the mistake of downloading any application which is sent as a text message.
  • There are certain phone providers which have armed users with the luxury of forwarding any questionable texts to them so that it can be investigated. Hence, it has given users complete peace of mind and they have nothing to worry as well.

Here are a couple of examples of a phishing text message:

You get the message, stating that your account has been blocked and you need to contact the given number (Eg, xxxxxxxxx) so that your information can be verified. Another example is a message stating that you have won a prize and need to log on or respond to the text message to claim the prize. In this case they usually state that they are a big brand name store.

When you call the number in the text message, you will hear an automated service which requests that you enter your debit or credit card information along with other personal information. Never give out personal information over the phone ore online, and if you absolutely have to, only do it when you know who you are dealing with.

The best way to stop identity theft is to be aware of the tricks and methods of the online thieves. Always beware, thieves are becoming more sophisticated as technology improves – and they are very convincing.

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