Debt Settlement Companies and The Better Internet Bureau. WHAT?

I have seen a few “Debt Settlement” web sites that display a “Better Internet Bureau” Icon.  What exactly is that?  Well if you click the icon nothing happens. After doing a little more digging I found that an internet marketing company seems to be the one that came up with the idea as a way of promoting web sites. 

The icon looks a lot like the Better Business Bureau icon.  Are these debt settlement sites trying to deceive potential clients?  At this point I don’t see any real value in this service. Correct me if I am wrong.

Debt settlement can reduce debt substantially but it can affect your credit in a negative way.  There are also fees that have to be paid and money has to be accumulated by the company first.

The old saying of “Buyer Beware” still holds true. 

More on debt Settlement here.

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