Keep Your Checking Account Safe From Check Fraud

I read a good article in Costo Connection on how to safeguard your checking account from check fraud. Harland Clarke (Costco’s check printer) suggests you do the following: 

  1. Incorporate security features into your checks, i.e. watermarks and photocopy detection 
  2. Store your checks in a safe, secure place in your home and never leave your checks/checkbook in your car 
  3. Review your bank statements on a regular basis – look for fraudulent transactions 
  4. Check for missing checks in boxes of new checks you ordered.  If any are missing, report them immediately. 
  5. If someone has broken into your home, check for missing checks – stolen checks. *Criminals will sometimes only take 1 or 2 checks from the middle or back of the book so be thorough 
  6. Limit personal information on your checks. Criminals could use personal information to steal your identity to get new loans, credit cards, bank accounts in your name 
  7. Use gel pens when writing checks because the ink has tiny particles that get trapped in the paper making it harder to “wash” or alter the checks 
  8. Never make a check payable to cash – it could be cashed by anyone 
  9. Don’t endorse checks ahead of time – wait until you are ready to deposit or cash it 

Eventually we may become a checkless society – has some have been predicting since the 1980s.  But until that happens be safe.

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