Your Free Credit Scores May Not Be Free

You have heard the ole saying that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, well the same could be said for credit scores.  I am sure you have heard those annoying commercials 3 free scores and more.

You may get a number from these services, but usually you will first have to fill in a form and give them your personal information.  That means you’ll start receiving calls or emails from these companies trying to sell you on something else, like some type of monitoring service, or they automatically enroll you in their service where you get charged a monthly premium.  The free score may not be free after all, watch for the fine print to see what they are really offering.

However, there are reasons why you may want to monitor your credit scores and credit history. So why not be up front about and just say that is what they are offering?

For instance, a one time look at your credit scores may not be enough. It can give you an idea of where you stand, but if they aren’t as good as they could be then you’ll need to work on improving your credit score – and you’ll need to monitor those scores every so often to check your progress. Check them every quarter at least.

If you have ever had your identity stolen or are concerned about it, then it would be wise to sign up with a legitimate credit monitoring service.  You should be concerned about if you spend a lot of time online social networking or make a lot of purchases online or have ever given out your personal information online. 

There are a lot of sophisticated Phising schemes that can lure you into giving out passwords and credit card numbers to the wrong people.  These Phising schemes usually come in the form of an official looking email from a bank, online service, merchant etc. 

Once these criminals get your personal info they will assume your identity and use  it to buy expensive items that get charged to your account. They buy it, you have to pay for it. It can ruin you financially and destroy your credit in the process.  Once that happens it will take a lot of time and effort to get everything restored back to normal.

But it isn’t just online.  They can find your personal information offline as well. Make sure you shred any document with personal information on it before throwing it in the garbage.

Get all 3 Credit Scores from all bureaus PLUS get premium 3 bureau monitoring and give your personal info the protection it needs online.  Stay up-to-date!  30 day trial then you will  be charged 14.95 /mo. after that.

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