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Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the harshest of all possible debt relief solutions. It can affect your ability to get a job and can stay on your credit report for up 10 years. It also makes harder to get good loans and mortgages.

There are alternatives to bankruptcy, like debt settlement or debt negotiation that allow you to reduce outstanding balances of unsecured debt. Debt settlement/negotiation gets recorded on your credit history but it's better than bankruptcy (your credit can be repaired).  There are other debt reducing strategies but settlement is the fastest way to regain control of your finances.

I have written many articles on debt and heard of many different debt relief companies come and go. So you need to find a company that is reputable with a long standing and proven track record when seeking professional bankruptcy and debt relief advice.

If interested, I can save you some time as I have reviewed one such company, Curadebt. Based on many factors, they are my #1 recommendation.

Over $10,000 in Debt?
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*Curadebt is available in all states (except CO and MT)  $10K unsecured debt minimum - you must be employed
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Curadebt is the #1 recommendation because:

Curadebt has been doing business online since 2000
They have helped over 10,000 people and businesses just like you
They continue to receive many accreditations and awards
Many satisfied customers, positive feedback and reviews. See what others are saying here
They are a member of highly regarded industry watchdog groups such as IAPDA, TASC, USOBA,  D&B Listed
They have written money back guarantees and reasonable fees
No upfront fees on settlements
Their professionally trained senior debt counselors are helpful and courteous - no hassle professionals
No complaints file with State Attorney’s General
They help individuals as well as small businesses overcome debt
They offer Free confidential consultation and debt analysis (if you qualify)


Curadebt has been  ranked #1 Debt Relief Company by many rating organizations and customers again and they work hard on you behalf to maintain a top rated company where the customer comes first.

Again, CuraDebt guarantees that the total amount paid back to all creditors, including CuraDebt fees, will be less than the total amount due to the creditors upon entering the program or CuraDebt's services are free.

You are in the driver's seat because they always lets you approve the final settlements and will advise you as to what is the best based on your unique situation.

Their debt reduction programs could help you get out of debt more quickly than going it alone, only months in some cases with potentially significant savings over what you would normally pay - even with their fees included.

Curadebt also provides simple consultation and financial planning, debt consolidation, or IRS tax debt relief as well as debt settlement/negotiation.

They help individuals as well as business owners.

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*Curadebt is available in all states (except CO and MT)  $10K unsecured debt minimum - you must be employed
Some debt relief options could temporarily affect you credit score - Call now



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