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Here at we explain the  debt solutions that will allow you to lower your monthly payments and reduce or eliminate some types of debt.

These strategies will not only work for card debt but any type of unsecured debt. They also work for business.

 When seeking assistance, make sure you ask for their rates and terms, and compare them with others. If they are legitimate then they should provide you with information for free and with no hassle.  

Also look at their website to get  more information. There are legitimate companies out there but buyer beware!   Be prepared with a list of questions to ask when you speak to them.

No agency or system will get you debt free in one day or even one month if you have a a lot of debt. It will take time to bring it under control and to start rebuilding your credit but with a little work you CAN do it.

6 Debt Solutions To Reduce & Eliminate  debt, including Credit Card Debt:

If you have card debt, tax debt or any type of unsecured debt and can't meet your monthly payments or are way behind with late payments and need help then familiarize yourself with the available debt solutions available to you and decide if you need help or want to go it alone. Here is a brief overview and the impact on your credit score. Review each then refer to our recommended companies if you need help.

If you have so much credit card debt that you can't make the payments, or you just need to pay it down to manageable levels there are options you can utilize to get reduce or eliminate credit card debt.

*You must do your home work. Some "paid" options may actually do more harm than good.

Credit counseling / Debt Management Plans
Create a payment plan to reduce debt. Generally you would need to get help from a counselor Impact on credit score: positive

Debt consolidation
Consolidate bills into one monthly payment. Talk with a counselor. Generally does not impact your credit.  If you have bad credit, you most likely will not get lower interest rate loans thereby defeating the purpose of consolidation.

Refinance your home/ HELOC
use the money to pay down credit card debt. Positive if you don't abuse the  line of credit. No recommended. Use the equity to build your estate.

Debt settlement
Settle or negotiate card debt (or any unsecured debt), with your creditors. Better than bankruptcy and you can reduce debt to manageable levels.  Only use this option if you have no way of paying back debts you owe.  Negative impact on your credit report. Talk with a counselor. Also you may be liable for taxes on "settled" amounts.

The most extreme and harmful to your credit - but it may be the best option for some.  Only use this solution if you have too many debts and have no way of paying them back.

Do-it-yourself Debt Solutions
The best option. Find ways to reduce card debt yourself, including budgeting.  Although some unexpected major expenses can be difficult to manage yourself.  Impact on credit score: positive if done correctly. Check out Dave Ramsey.

How To Systematically Eliminate Debt

These days, a larger percentage of people are using credit cards to pay mortgages and other living expenses. It's no wonder that credit card debt and personal bankruptcies are at an all time high. Accumulating credit card debt is easy to do (for various reasons, not all your fault) but paying off that debt can take a lot longer.

There are several approaches to systematically eliminating debt yourself. The first method is to pay off the credit card with highest interest rate first. Read more...     

* See why your credit card debt accumulates so fast.


A Quick Word about Your Credit

While getting debt under control, start the process of  fixing your credit. 

 You should also get a copy of your credit reports to see where you stand. Improving and  protecting your credit score as you go will save you time and money and monitoring your credit score will give you an indication of how well you are doing, aside from the obvious.  If possible, choose from a debt solution that will not completely destroy your credit.  Read more...


Click here to find the right credit card to help rebuild credit  & learn how to manage it


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Feel free to use our free  debt calculators  to compare different debt solutions / credit card payoff options.



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